maandag 13 februari 2017

QC vs NIC BOOK CHALLENGE: First official chess game (not yet analysed)

This is the first official game I played during the Chess Book Challenge. I must admit, I was more focussed because I knew I had to publish this game on my blog for everybody to see. Gave me a little extra stress, kept me on the tips of my toes.

My opponent, Bleuze Kobe, is a young player,(almost) 16 years old. Problem with youth is that they improve rapidly. The last new rating list of january (games played between oktober first - end of december  2016) he raised his rating with 92 points to 1551 elo.So I knew I had to take my chance to beat him now because in the future I will have it very difficult, maybe even impossible , to beat him.

 I didn't analyse the game yet, I will update this post later when I find the time to do so.
For now, enjoy the game, just the moves, but believe me, it did cost me blood, sweat and tears.

Verduyckt, Johan (1841) - Bleuze, Kobe (1551)

Result: 1-0
Site: ?
Date: ?
[...] 1.d4 d5 2.¤f3 ¤f6 3.¥f4 e6 4.e3 ¥e7 5.h3 O-O 6.¥d3 c5 7.c3 ¤c6 8.¤bd2 ¥d6 9.¤e5 £c7 10.¤df3 ¤e4 11.O-O cxd4 12.cxd4 f6 13.¤xc6 bxc6 14.¥xd6 ¤xd6 15.¦c1 ¥d7 16.¦c5 ¦ab8 17.£c2 h6 18.¦c1 ¦b6 19.b3 ¤f7 20.¥h7+ ¢h8 21.¤h4 ¦fb8 22.¥g6 ¥e8 23.¤f3 ¦c8 24.e4 dxe4 25.£xe4 ¤d6 26.£c2 ¥xg6 27.£xg6 ¤f5 28.d5 ¤e7 29.£f7 ¤xd5 30.£xe6 ¤f4 31.£e3 £d6 32.¦5c4 ¤d5 33.£d2 ¦e8 34.¦e1 ¦xe1+ 35.£xe1 ¦b4 36.£e8+ ¢h7 37.£xc6 £xc6 38.¦xc6 ¦b7 39.¦a6 ¤b4 40.¦a4 a6 41.a3 ¤d3 42.b4 ¦b6 43.¦a5 ¤b2 44.¦c5 ¦d6 45.¦c2 ¤d3 46.¦d2 ¦d5 47.¢f1 ¤f4 48.¦xd5 ¤xd5 49.¤d2 ¤c3 50.¤b3 ¤b5 51.a4 ¤c7 52.¤d4 ¢g6 53.¢e2 f5 54.¢d3 ¢f6 55.¢c4 ¢e5 56.b5 axb5+ 57.axb5 g6 58.b6 ¤e8 59.¤b5 ¤f6 60.b7 ¤d7 61.¤c7 ¢d6 62.¤a6 ¢e5 63.b8=£+ ¤xb8 64.¤xb8 ¢e4 65.¤d7 h5 66.¤c5+ ¢e5 67.¢d3 h4 68.¢e3 g5 69.¤d3+ ¢f6 70.f4 g4 71.¤f2 gxh3 72.gxh3 ¢e6 73.¢d4 ¢d6 74.¤d3 ¢e6 75.¤e1

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