maandag 12 juni 2017


I made an account on Lichess so that I can test how quick I can get to 2000+ rating, if I can get to 2000+ that is.

Any bets on how quick, or not at all, I will reach my goal?

Have fun playing chess!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Sure, 2000 is possible! Good luck!

    You might want to ask yourself. "why do I lose?" and then work on that specific problem? For instance, when I ask myself, "why do I lose?" the answer is extremely obvious. I get in severe time trouble with the Queens still on the board, and then blunder. So, how do I avoid that problem?

    When I am on a hot streak, it has to do with getting openings that I can bang out the fist 12 to 16 moves and get the Queens off early. I am currently looking to change some of my openings to openings that the Queens tend to come off early. I don't lose very often against players rated 2000 to 2199 if I can get to an endgame, even if I am a pawn down.

  2. I rather think its a psychological problem. I mean, when last time I analysed a game with an FM I always asked myself "how can I make my position stronger" while the FM always was asking how could I weaken my opponents position weaker. A tiny difference perhaps but the answer of the question can have a great impact on the move you choose to play.

  3. But, going back to why you lose. Do you blunder in time trouble? A lot of players have a habit of blundering when they have oodles of time on the clock, but move fast anyways!

    When you lose, how does it happen?

  4. Why do I lose? I guess because I play to quickly. Am lazy and dont do the necessary calculation. I play to passive, need to learn to be more active, not being affraid.

  5. So, if you are over 1800 playing too quickly, maybe if you get yourself to calm down and take your time you will make 2000!