woensdag 1 november 2017

Real life sucks

I know its a long time ago that I wrote a blog post. It wasn't my fault. Real life just reared its ugly head.

At work my boss got fired. I got to do the accountancy and human resources from them on. If you do not know enough to do things the right way you have to follow course(s). Courses mean homework, exams, ... .

With other words, no time anymore for chess, let alone chess study. Evenings, weekends, ..., all went to the study of human resources and accountancy. At my age sometimes the brain blocks, enough is enough. Happened many times while study this stuff. Brain explosions, no more space to put new stuff in.

Anyway, courses also end. Although this is not the case at the moment, it seems that I can make some time again for chess at a basic level.

First I cleaned up my computer hard disk. I found login and password of "International Chess School". It's a full 13 month study of chess. All material is given and instead of other courses you account is for life. I am now reading month one again and I wonder why I didn't use this course earlier and more driven. I find it a superb course. I am sure it will help to raise my rating. By how much I dont know.

I am also reading the last two books Mark Dvoretsky has written. For my Friends and collagues, volume 1 and 2. Nice books about the life of one of, if not the, greatest chess trainers ever walked the face of the earth. Relaxing lecture for on the train ride to work and home again.

I also got a game of chess in.

Roessler, Nicolas (1740) - Verduyckt, Johan (1843)

Result: 0-1
Site: ?
Date: 2017.10.22
[...] 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.exd5 exd5 4.c4 ¤f6 5.¤c3 c6 6.¥d3 ¥e7 7.¥f4 O-O 8.¤ge2 ¥e6 9.c5 £c8 10.£c2 ¦e8 11.O-O ¤bd7 12.b4 ¤f8 13.f3 ¤g6 14.¥g3 ¤h5 15.¥f2 ¥g5 16.¦fe1 ¤hf4 17.¤xf4 ¥xf4 18.¤e2 ¥c7 19.h4 £d8 20.h5 ¤f8 21.¥g3 ¥xg3 22.¤xg3 £g5 23.¢f2 h6 24.¦e2 ¥d7 25.¦ae1 ¦xe2+ 26.¦xe2 ¦e8 27.¦xe8 ¥xe8 28.£e2 ¤e6 29.¥f5 £h4 30.£e5 £xd4+ 31.£xd4 ¤xd4 32.¢e3 ¤e6 33.¥d3 b6 34.cxb6 axb6 35.a4 c5 36.a5 bxa5 37.bxa5 c4 38.¥e2 d4+ 39.¢d2 ¥b5 40.¤f5 c3+ 41.¢d1 c2+
Until next time

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    1. A full 1844. But here in Belgium rating comes out every three months

  2. Funny thing is, it's the kind of contest you can win by simply not playing! Sometimes my rating overtakes my friends because they played in a tournament that I sat out.

  3. Well sometimes you can play a few games a see that your rating gain / lose will be exactly 0. Which will be so for me in january 2018.

  4. Why go through the time and effort of actually playing?

  5. Congratulations? I think you won! Your rating stayed about the same, right?

    God job!!

  6. How is your chess going these days? I can see your work life took over, but have you returned to the game you clearly love?

  7. Have you reached your 2000 goal? I commiserate about having to learn new business skills. It seems to be happening a great deal. How did ICS work out?